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Keep2Share - Rachel Steele - Forgive me Father [HD 720p]

Click to this video! - Rachel Steele - Forgive me Father [HD 720p]

Actress: Rachel Steele
Name: Forgive me Father
Released: 2010
Genre: All sex, Big titts, Redhead, Incest, Mature
Time: 00:44:40

Rachel and her husband married at a young age. Their lives started off at a fast pace. They attended wild swingers parties and mingled with the wealthy. Rachel’s husband was a wealthy tycoon. In the first 2 years Rachel had 2 sons, Brent and Brycen. Rachel wanted to continue their lifestyle and hire a nanny. Her husband would not allow it. He left Rachel at home to raise the boys while he went jetting around the country. Rachel had her share of affairs and he finally caught her at one. Her son Brent and she were lovers. When he found out he took Brycen and left her for good. Brent stayed with his mother, loving her the way she deserved but the day came when he was ready to venture out on his own. Rachel gave him her blessing and lived alone never to be with a man again. She had given up all hope of ever seeing Brycen. Her husband told her he told him she was . One day Rachel sat reading when the doorbell rang. It was a young priest. At first glance she did not recognize him, but as he stepped in her hallway she gasped.. it was her son Brycen! They sat down and Rachel begged his forgiveness. He held her hand and told her he had been searching his life for her, now they found each other everything would be fine. Rachel offered him the guest room to change. Brycen undressed to his underwear and after a shower he began to do some pushups. Rachel went to his room to give him fresh towels. She saw him doing pushups; his body was amazing. He was strong and muscular like his brother. Rachel’s mind went right to her carnal thoughts. She fought with herself to make those impure thoughts go away. Dropping the towels at his door, Rachel ran to her room. She pace, trying to fight off her sexual desires towards him. She did not want to lose another son. As she lay on her bed her mind wandered back to the days of making love to her older son. She awoke masturbating. The next few days passed and she went to work and spent time with Brycen. One afternoon Brycen was looking for a book. He saw that she did have a bible but did not appear to be getting much use. He browsed through the rest of her books and found one on the subject of mother and son ncest; love stories. He dropped to his knees to pray. That evening Rachel came home from work and they sat down to talk. Brycen told her he found that book. Rachel tried to get out of the conversation but he kept asking questions. Rachel felt she had nothing to lose, she had not been with him all his adult life so if she confessed either he would forgive her or leave her. Rachel told him about her and Brent’s love affair. She also told him about him IMPREGNATING her. Brycen was shocked understandably, but forgave her. As she told him more she noticed his erection. Rachel could not help the way she loved and she moved closer to him. Brycen moved away, fighting off his urges. He had never been with a woman since he joined the priesthood at a very early age. Rachel began to seduce him. They stroked each other’s loins. Rachel spoke softly to him, convincing him it was OK, one time would be good for him. Brycen fell for her advances. She got on her knees and slowly took his manhood into her mouth. She told him sex was wonderful and beautiful especially between mother and son. Who loves you more than God, your mother does. They made their way into the bedroom. Rachel seduced him more, slowly removing her clothes. Brycen was taken with her tanned toned sexy curvy body. She lay him on the bed and made sweet passionate love to him. As the fucked hard Rachel Brycen told her he would never be able to have offspring. He asked her if he could remove his condom and impregnate her. Rachel wrapped her legs around him tight telling him yes!! She wanted his descendant. He came deep inside her womb. Rachel and Brycen collapsed in each other’s arms. Brycen would know be a father and it would remain their secret. He had everything now, so did Rachel. They had each other, a descendant on the way, and he had his priesthood. Brycen had so much built up sperm that his hard on never wavered. Rachel took his cock in her mouth and sucked him until he burst in her mouth and on her chin. No one would ever suspect a thing. Father forgive me!!

Quality: HD
Format: WMV
Video: Windows Media Video 9 1280x720 29.97fps 5000kbps
Audio: Windows Media Audio 48000Hz stereo 384kbps
Size: 1.68 GB